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05 May 2017
For most of us, learning how to lose stomach weight is a matter of trial and error. We try all kinds of diets, exercise to exhaustion, and eventually come to the conclusion that we have erred. So what goes wrong? In most cases, the issue at the heart of the matter is consistency. The body is designed to maintain equilibrium and therefore resists extremes.

 Extreme diets and exercise routines inevitably cause us to crash, give up, and run to the fridge to replenish our drained bodies. Fortunately, there is a more holistic approach. Losing stomach weight and keeping it off should not be a goal but rather a lifestyle. People with flat and toned weight loss stomachs are not necessarily physiologically unique, but they are unique in their...

04 May 2017

You have to identify how much  do you want to weight loss. 10 pounds in two weeks or 20 pounds in one week etc. then you need to put in place a plan; a kind of weight reduction program. The program will help you monitor your progress and will also help you to be focused on your goal of losing weight.

Change your lifestyle
To lose 10 pounds in two weeks, you have to change your lifestyle. The kind of body you have today or the huge weight you have today is a sum of the...

03 May 2017

Everyone wants to look good today, especially the young. But more and more people today understand that looking good need not be weight loss, and being healthy is more important than just looking good. Of course, the better deal would be to look good and healthy.

Many would assume that you can just lose some weight or pockets of unwanted fats here and there in your body; and that constitutes weight loss to good health. But nothing is farther than the truth. To lose weight and...

02 May 2017
Do you enjoy being overweight and unattractive? Does being overweight and fat have a positive impact on your life? Now, these questions are pretty ludicrous but I do have a point for asking them. You've obviously found this article in hopes of learning how to weight loss really fast. So, taking this into consideration you probably aren't happy with your current weight as well as your current lifestyle. Why do these obvious observations matter? If you want to stay motivated in order to lose weight then you need to constantly remind yourself why exactly you are losing the weight. Once you have done this then you will be ready for success. Keep on reading to find out how to lose weight really fast in 3 easy steps.

Identify Your Weight...

01 May 2017

Being able to pull your body up off the ground is one of the fundamental movements of a capable human body.

It translates into a thousand everyday activities — from climbing to grappling sports like BJJ to carrying heavy groceries.

If you can’t do a pull up bar yet (or can’t do as many as you’d like), that’s okay. I’d bet the average 30-year-old in America can’t either.

Why have pull-ups become such a rare skill? Two reasons.

  • First, it wasn’t all that long ago that climbing a tree was a key way to find food, navigate rough terrain, and even escape the occasional predator. These days we think of climbing mostly as a liability risk.
  • Second, most people try to train for pull-ups without building the foundations...