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08 Jul 2018

27 Jun 2018

31 May 2018

17 May 2017

The benefits of the shoulder press machine are many: improved shoulder strength and muscle mass, no need to kick dumbells up to your shoulders, increased stability, etc.

But many gyms are sorely lacking when it comes to shoulder press machines. They may not have one at all or one that simply doesn't work well.

What would you say if I were to tell you that you can not only very easily make your own shoulder press out of common gym bar, it actually works even better than machines specifically designed for shoulder pressing!

How To Build It:

In order to build this, you'll need two Olympic Bars (one bar will do if you don't have two but you'll then you'll have to do the exercise one arm at a time), a power rack and some weight plates. Nothing...

17 May 2017

Did you know that just by choosing a quality australian dog food, you can prolong your dog's life and avoid potential health risk such as heart disease and obesity? Taking time to learn to read and understand dog food labels is essential. It will allow you to choose a food that is appropriate for your dog and save them from a poor quality life full of health problems and give them a quality lifespan.

Feeding a poor quality food can cause a multitude of health issues for your dog. To name a few:

  • Heart problems
  • Poor Energy Levels
  • Digestive problems

There are many factors that are important in determining which food is ideal for your individual dog. A good place to begin is by evaluating your dog's personal information. This will include the...

16 May 2017

Pull-ups are the most advantageous overall muscle mass and strength developers. A single pullup is often one of the most tricky workouts. Several parents will be able to recall how embarrassed they felt in grade school, when they could not do a sole repetition. And this experience often resulted in an earlier than expected retreat from the pull up bar. Even though it was embarrassing, the fact is that chinups can be quite difficult.

If that person was you, never fear - there is still hope, though you still failed high school gym class. The fantastic thing about free standing pull up bar is that you can immediately improve. A couple sessions with a chin up bar can easily build up your muscle and give you self-confidence in your...

16 May 2017
Al lanyard estas malgranda ŝnuro kiu estas eluzita ĉirkaŭ la kolo. Ĝi estas uzata por porti ion kaj. Kelkfoje lanyards ankaŭ estas uzitaj por certigi ke celo estas videbla al ĉiuj. Komence lanyards personalizados estis desegnitaj kaj estis uzitaj en la militistaro. Nun ĝi estas uzata en preskaŭ ĉiuj sektoroj de industrio. Oficistoj kaj studentoj ofte esti ilia identigo fiksitaj al lanyards. En la milita, lanyards kutimis konekti pistolojn al la uniformo de la oficiroj. Nun lanyards evoluis por ornama elemento.

En la milita, ĉi tiuj estas ankaŭ uzataj por signifi oficiro de rango kaj statuso. Estas multe de stiloj en lanyards nun. La stilo dependas de la celo de via lanyard. Ĝi povas esti tre simpla, farita el ŝtofo kun...

15 May 2017

Belt Spotting

Remember it is no mistake to leave a belt on too long, but it is a disastrous mistake to remove it too soon. Always be conservative about removing a belt. Further, if a horizontal exercise bar is recommended the stunt is dangerous, and the student must be protected.

The Hand Spotting Belt

When the beginning tumbler is sufficiently accomplished to attempt somersault stunts, the use of the hand spotting belt becomes imperative. The hand spotting belt is most frequently used when students are learning the back somersault, the round-off back hand spring in series, and the round-off back somersault. When the round-off is to be used, the supporting ropes must be crossed, one in front and one behind the participant,...

15 May 2017
Pro la kreskanta populareco de kutimo lanyards, ĝi nun Iĝu ion komune vidi ID kartoj kaj insignojn Held estis mallonga ŝnureto je persono la kolon. Cetere, aussi Agordita lanyards povas prezenti la nomon de okazaĵo, kompanio nomo aŭ logo, kaj Eĉ promocional mesaĝojn. Tiu tendenco nun malfermis la pordon al novaj uzoj por kutimo lanyards, Precipe en industrio kaj la dungista sektoro.

Se vi demandas qui Estas La Kialoj Malantaŭ ĉi Kreskanta populareco, tiam vi scias ke shoulds marketing kaj Plibonigita sekureco estas inter tiuj manoj.

Varbaj lanyards estas granda varbaj eroj, helpante entreprenoj por transdoni Liaj mesaĝoj en originala kaj alloga maniero. Kutimo lanyard certigos, ke via mesaĝo aŭ via kompanio nomo aŭ...

14 May 2017

USAG sets forth a specific gymnastics bar routine for each gymnastics level. Each level incorporates gymnastics skills that have been built upon from the previous level. Here is a list of all the gymnastics skills, faults and deductions set forth by USAG for the gymnastics level 6 uneven bars.

The level 6 uneven bars routine requires the gymnast to use both, the high bar and low bar.

You are not required to use gymnastics had grips on the uneven bars but it is recommended.

  • STRADDLE OR PIKE GLIDE KIP- Must take off from both feet at the same time ( -0.10).

Do not do a run out glide ( - 0.30).

Make sure your feet lead in the glide swing (up to 0.10 deduction).

Must extend body fully at the end of glide (up to 0.20 deduction).

Legs must fully...